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Please note that 100% of donated funds go directly to Student Scholarships. Founders, Directors and Staff receive no compensation from the Foundation.

Inbound college students must cope with far more personal and social pressures than any other previous generations of youth.  Early intervention through a structured mentor relationship gives our young people the tools and support they need to deal effectively with these pressures.   Research indicates mentored college students have better academic performance and higher retention rates (rates of staying in school) than college students without mentors.  Mentorship assistance guides the new student to greater academic and social integration, increased self‐esteem, higher grades, and greater self‐perceived intellectual growth.

The Foundation has created a mentor network for the four year scholarship students in order to provide students with the guidance and support necessary to keep them on track as potential issues arise during their tenure at college and to ensure the highest possible college graduation rates.  Mentors are selected from qualified local volunteers, thoroughly trained and then matched with a student (mentee). Once at school, mentees will be expected to make weekly contact with their mentor and submit a monthly report of activity.

Good advice costs nothing,

and it’s always worth the price."

- Allan Sherman 

 ​​​"The Cliff and Eda Viner group have been extremely professional and on point in identifying and fulfilling the various needs of my daughter.  We are very pleased with their involvement and commitment to the students, including their mentor program and commitment to community service and servant leadership. Our family looks forward to working with the Viner team."

- Helaine Hoffman

(mother of Viner Scholar Adina Hoffman)

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